15 cm tall humanoid alien found in Chile

In 2003 a man that was looking for historical objects found the bones of a six-inch (15cm) tall skeleton with a large head around the Attacama desert in Chile. The humanoid alien was given the nickname Ata and some believed that it was proof of alien life. 

Ata is for some reason very tiny and couldn't have had much of a physical strength. It had 10 ribs on each side of the body compared to a normal human's 12. Its estimated age was around six to eight years but the body is around the size of a pen. This is not near the size of a newborn, nor does it look like the body of a human fetus. Its features however bears a close resemblance to what we today believe aliens look like with a tiny body and larger head.

Alien DNA samples?

While some claim it is human, its real origin still remains a mystery to most. Although it is very small, scientists is definitely clear that its not a monkey or any sort of known animal to date. The samples show that Ata has a human-like DNA and could possibly have been a male. It also shows that he was living and breathing, as well as eating before he later deceased.

If we were to speculate even further, was he truly a human child with some sort of extremely rare form of mutation? Could it be possible that Ata indeed was an extraterrestrial being that came from outer space? Or is there maybe a possibility that aliens can travel between different dimensions? Perhaps there will be some new discoveries in our near future.

Where is the 15 cm tall humanoid alien?

Region: Cusco, South America
Coordinates: -27.56 (Latitude) -70.05 (Longitude)

Extraterrestrial DNA

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Small body and large head