Is the Bermuda Triangle perhaps an alien portal?

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Where is Bermuda Triangle

It's located on international water in the Bahamas. Coordinates: 25.281 (Latitude) -69.459 (Longitude)

Flight 19 - December 5, 1945

Five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers were lost during a flight over bermuda and have never been found. One of the search and rescue aircraft deployed to look for them, a PBM Mariner with a 13-man crew, also disappeared.

USS Cyclops

The incident resulting in the single largest loss of life in the history of the US Navy not related to combat occurred when the collier USS Cyclops, carrying a full load of manganese ore and with one engine out of action, went missing without a trace with a crew of 309 sometime after March 4, 1918, after departing the island of Barbados.

More mysterious disappearances

Ellen Austin - March 4, 1918 Star Tiger and Star Ariel - January 30, 1948 Douglas DC-3 - December 28, 1948 KC-135 Stratotankers - August 28, 1963

Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

Region: International water in the Bahamas
Coordinates: 25.2813 (Latitude) -69.4595 (Longitude)

Flight 19

Missing airplanes

Electro magnetic storm

Black hole