Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, a Saint to Roman Catholic's and heroine of France, saved France from downfall during the Hundred Year's War. A lowly peasant, Joan convinced the King she had seen 3 saints in a vision, telling her to drive out the English. Joan was sent by the King to the siege of Orléans, which she lifted after just 9 Days.

Extra Terrestrial Intervention

How did Joan, a mere teenager possess the skill and knowledge to stop the downfall of France and defeat the much more experienced commanders of the english army? Was it Saints that she saw or was there Extra Terrestrial Intervention?

Where did Joan of Arc live?

Region: France
Coordinates: 47.9029 (Latitude) 1.90925 (Longitude)

Jeanne d'Arc


Extraterrestrial contact

The Maid of Orléans

French Aliens