Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis map is a pre-modern world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis. The approximately one-third of the map that survives shows the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy.

The big mystery is that this map shows parts of antarctica that was not yet discovered for hundreds of years later. How did Piri Reis have knowledge about how antarctica's coast was beneth the ice cover? We did not have ground penetrating radar until 1958, and his map accurately dipicts this region of the world when there was no ice, millions of years ago.

What did the Piri Reis Map show?

Region: Parts of Antarctica that was not yet discovered
Coordinates: -70.6282 (Latitude) 3.93394 (Longitude)

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